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AngularJS is written in JavaScript an open-source front-end web application framework. It is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. It extends HTML attributes with Directives and binds data to HTML with Expressions. AngularJS is distributed as a JavaScript file and can be added to a web page with a script tag

How to get client ip address in AngularJs

Code to Get IP Address: Here in this article will see how to get client IP address in AngularJs application. For this, we use angularjs $httpservice to make an ajax call, which in response gives us the Client […]

Angularjs call ajax function on page load

Call ajax function on page load: Here in this article will learn how to call controller function when our webpage gets loaded. While developing project many time we need to call some javascript functions directly […]

How to create serial number using ng-repeat in AngularJS

Serial no in ng-repeat: Here in this article we learn how to display the serial number using ng-repeat in AngularJs. In other words how to generate auto increment number using ng-repeat (unique number). To view […]

How to access nested json object with nested ng-repeat in AngularJs

AngularJs access complex nested JSON object: Here in this article we learn how to display all the nested JSON data using nested ng-repeat directive into our HTML table on a button click .i.e how to […]

AngularJS: Bind JSON data to HTML Table [ng-repeat]

Display JSON data in HTML table using Angularjs: Here in this article will explain how to bind JSON data to HTML table in Angular js. I am making this article very simple, i.e., we have […]