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How to Bind Dropdownlist Inside Gridview Edit Template Asp.net C#

Overview:  This article explains how to bind drop down list control which is placed inside Asp.net Gridview control under Edit Template. .i.e Gridview edit template dropdownlist bind. Also using `DataRowView` we able to get and set […]

How to call javascript function from code behind server side Asp.net C#

Overview: Calling Javascript funtion from server side .i.e code behind in Asp.net C#.This article explains how to call a JavaScript function from server side (code behind) in Asp.net C# . First we add page and […]

moreLinq DistinctBy – Remove Duplicate Record From DataTable Based On Specific ColumnName

 Overview: Here in this article I am going to show you how to remove duplicate records from datatable depending upon specific Column-Name. I recommend you to check my previous article (CLICK) where have written how to […]

Remove Duplicate rows records from DataTable Asp.net c#

Overview: This article explains how to remove duplicate records from DataTable in C#. In SQL Server database if a table contains duplicate records then it is easy to select unique records by using DISTINCT built-in […]

How to Create Multiple Language Website in Asp.net C#

  Multilingual Website in Asp.net C# : In this tutorial, we are going to create multi-language website in Asp.net C#. A website which can support Multiple Language and change according to the culture of a specific […]