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How to Find Last Date of Month in SQL Server [ EOMONTH ]

SQL Server gets the last date of the month: Here in this article, we learn how to get the end date of any given month. Let assume one has the requirement to find start date […]

Find collation of database [SQL SERVER]

SQL Server Find Collation of Database: Here in this article we see how to find the collation of particular Database in SQL server 2008 r2. Finding Collation of SQL Server is very helpful when you […]

One SQL Script to take Backup of all DataBases [ MS SQL SERVER]

 MS SQL Backup all databases: Here in this article will see how to take backup of all database from SQL Server step by step. From SQL Server Management Studio we can make our databases backup […]

SQL: Using Parentheses with And / OR condition is necessary with where clause to gives expected result

Are parentheses necessary in SQL: In this article will explain the difference between a simple SQL select query using with parentheses and using without parentheses one, and you will notice the different result of each […]

Get Time part from Datetime in MS SQL server

 TIME PART FROM DATETIME: This article shows how to get only time part from DateTime in MS SQL Server. While development sometimes we need to take solely Time part from the whole Datetime. That is if […]

Execute Sql Script file in Asp.net C# [Database generate]

Overview: This article explains how to execute SQL script file in C# .i.e here in our Asp.net Webform on button click event will execute the SQL Script file and generate database .i.e Tables, Data in […]

How to execute sql script file in asp.net c#

EXECUTE SQL SCRIPT FROM C# To create SQL Database using Asp.net is quite difficult, Here I this article am writing how to create SQL Database and how to Run the SQL Script File in asp.net. […]